Nabawi Garden Integrated Islamic School

Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya.

Nabawi Garden Integrated Islamic School Is A Combination Of A National Primary School And An Islamic Primary School That Uses ENGLISH As The Main Language In All Modules And Syllabus.

Our Experience

With 11 years of expertise in the field of early childhood education and managing the learning affairs of children as young as 4 years old in three Little Caliphs kindergarten branches that employ The Little Caliphs Program,

We Create,

Nabawi Garden Integrated Islamic School (School),  a ‘ENGLISH MEDIUM’ Islamic Integration Primary School that will provide Holistic Learning Experiences for Students through the implementation of the 21st Century Learning Method mostly based on Project in their Learning Journey to Improve PERFORMANCE AND STUDENT OUTCOMES.

Our philosophy is to produce students with strong faith and morality, as well as a balanced holistic personality, and to make them Ulul Albab, or a group of rational and knowledgeable persons, as well as capable Rabbani individuals who are decent, possess good morals and educate.

Parents Testimonial

"Providing excellent education for your children"

Nabawi Garden Integrated Islamic School



We provide various types of Physical Training for teachers to improve the quality of Teaching and Learning.



"Nabawi Garden Integrated Islamic School as a One Stop Center". A school that incorporates two educational systems, Conventional and Religious , into a single school session. If parents or students choose Nabawi Garden Integrated Islamic School, it will be less of a burden for them to attend national school in the morning and religious school in the evening.


Fees & Education System

Providing an International School Education System with affordable tuition for the middle class.


Secondary Education Direction

Eligible to apply for all Secondary Religious Schools managed by JAIS, Maahad Tahfiz Sains & Teknologi, Bestari Secondary Religious School, MRSM, SMAKL, Tahfiz Science Integrated Secondary School MAIWP, and others.


Syllabus and Modules

Using a specific Module and Syllabus under the Integrated Islamic School Network (IISN), that meets the criteria of KPM, JAIS, and CAMBRIDGE.



With various Leadership Programs organised throughout the school year, such as Public Speaking, Becoming an Imam, Reciting Khutbah, Self-Defense Course (KRS), Self-Defense Art (Silat), Musleh Camp, Recitation & Hafazan Competition, Entrepreneurship Programs, and others, the goal is to produce students who are capable of becoming leaders.

Glimpses of Students Activities at
Nabawi Garden Integrated Islamic School

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